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Posting Your Video Resume on YouTube

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As a service to you, CN Video Resumes will automatically post your video resume on YouTube and will provide you with a link (URL) you can give to others to show them your video resume.

However, you may want to create your own YouTube account and post your video resume yourself.

Why Post on YouTube

There are several good reason for posting your video resume on YouTube, such as:

  • You can then give others the link to view your video resume, free of charge

  • Video Resume’s posted to YouTube are picked up by search engines and will allow potential employers to find you more easily

  • You can customize settings such as description and key words.   You can also allow others to comment or rate your video.

  • YouTube provides you with code to display your video on your own web site.

Helpful Hints when Posting on YouTube

You must have an account to upload your own videos.   If you don’t already have a YouTube account, click “Sign Up” and follow the instructions.

Once you have an account, Sign In and click “Upload” to upload a video file.  (Choose the file given to you by CN Video Resumes to upload).

Below are some helpful hints on settings available:

  • Title – Give your video a title that tells others what it is.   You should include your name, and the words “Video Resume”.

  • Description – Describe what the purpose of the video is.  You can use part of your opening statement from the video, and include the type of work you’re looking for.

  • Tags – List key words that will help others search for your video.  Some obvious key words are your name, your city, the type of job you’re looking for, and the words “Video Resume”.

Under Broadcasting and Sharing Options

  • You will most likely want to share your video with the world (otherwise, others can’t view it).

  • Allowing comments is only good if you want to know what others think about your video.  CN Video Resumes recommends either not allowing comments, or only allowing comments with approval.  Allowing comments with approval only will allow others to post their comments, but you have the ability to only approve the comments you’d like to have shown with the video.

  • If you want to post your video from YouTube on your own web site, you will need to set “Embedding” to “Yes”.  This allows YouTube to provide you with code you can use to show your YouTube video from other web sites.

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Serious about a professional video resume? Contact CN Video Resume Services to get started.   We do it right and make it easy.