Help Writing a Script for your Video Resume

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A good video resume is about 1-3 minutes in length and contains the following components:

Video Resume Timeline

  1. Your professional introduction (or elevator speech) should be about 30 seconds and should entice the view to continue watching the video.
  2. The heart of the video resume is where you let the view know what you can do for them. We recommend using the STAR methodology to help the viewer understand what you can do, and to keep their interest.
  3. The summary (optional) is a great way to make a brief, strong statement to remind the view of why they would want to interview you.
  4. Always thank the viewer for their time, invite them to contact you, and display your contact information.

CN Video Resumes offers a complete video workshop and ebook that walks you through the process of producing a professional video resume. This includes:

  • Choosing a Style
  • Writing an Introduction / Elevator Speech
  • Using Body Language to show Confidence
  • Deciding what to Say
    - Using the STAR Methodology
    - Video Resume Etiquette
  • Production, Options and Editing
  • Distribution and Social Media
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